Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall Begins

It has been creeping up on us.. the cool nights giving way to fog in the morning, the afternoon storms as the pushy north winds try to overtake the warm leftovers from the ninety-plus degree days, a few leaves giving in and littering the yard, and the emergence of bees (seriously).  Though the calendar may not officially say it, our home does.


It’s the first fire of the year…and it’s divine.  Just the other day we enjoyed a meal of fish tacos, our last toast to summer…


And today it was chicken and noodles


And for a snack as I prepared for another quiz tonight, Sir MMH Hubby used his culinary skills to make me a chipotle cheese quesadilla…



What is your favorite thing about fall?  I hope to get out and grab pics of all the reasons I feel abundant and blessed living in our little town during this season, and I will share soon!


  1. so your chicken and noodles looked yummy, can I have the recipe?

  2. I will get a recipe up today Amy! It is sooo easy and yummy. Took a pot to small group, and it came back empty. :)