Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Cup of Coffee

As we played with Play-Doh this morning, Sir Lionheart was a bit exuberant.  At some point I ended up with a cup of coffee with blue Play-Doh floating in it, and it reminded me of a post…

This weekend Sir MMH Hubby and I experienced a first: our kids awoke by themselves and fed themselves breakfast.


Upon my advice, Sir MMH and I decided to enjoy the quiet of the morning and the moment of newfound independence…until… *sniff*  “Do you smell smoke?”  “Yes…something is BURNING!”  Upon arriving at the kitchen, we found two boys with eyes as big as saucers stammering something like, “Forgot…you…coffee…”  Let’s see if you can add it up…

P9250034 P9250032


So, our two loving boys wanted to make us coffee, and it was precious.  AND we bid farewell to a wonderful pot that has served us many cups of coffee over the past eight years.

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