Thursday, October 21, 2010

Blessed By the Sirs at Bedtime

Sir MMH Hubby had a workout last night, so I flew solo during prayer time with the boys. The routine is: I open up prayer with thanks and praise for all the good in our day, especially the good things I noticed the young Sirs doing. We then go around our trio lifting up prayers for others, ourselves, and whatever else is placed on our hearts.  Last night it went something like this:

Me: Lord I thank you for these boys and for blessing our day in every moment: playtime, school time, and even our meal was wonderful (meaning no complaints about food and the average in-seat time for the kiddos was more than 10 minutes). Thank you that Sir Wallace was so diligent in his work today, completing assignments and learning new things with a happy heart. Thank you for Sir Lionheart and how his heart is changing…he was so helpful today in many ways. Boys?”

Sir Lionheart: “God please help Grandpa Jim’s knee to feel better and he knows you did it.”

Sir Wallace: “Ummm…I’m thinking…”

Sir Lionheart: “Mama, maybe we can pray for the people who live by vampire bats that they won’t bite them and suck their blood.”

Me: “Sure thing buddy. God please keep the people safe who live by bats.”


Sir Wallace: “I don’t have anything.”

Sir Lionheart: “And maybe we can pray for monkeys not be eaten by giant snakes?”

Me: “You bet buddy.  God, please protect your creation.”


Sir Wallace: “Mama did you read the hippo book today? In case you didn’t, did you know that an angry hippo can run faster than a human if he’s angry at the human?”

Me: “Nope, sure didn’t. Thank you Lord for blessing me now.”

Followed by laughter and these other facts Sir Wallace picked up in a book at the library today: A hippo can snap an alligator in half with it’s jaws. It can also kill a lion with those jaws, and apparently panda bears can swim. I’m so out of my league teaching this boy at home! (Now if he wants to talk nursing theory, I may have a chance) Thank you God for a wonderful library and a seemingly endless supply of books.


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