Sunday, November 7, 2010

Picture Perfect Sunday Catch Up

We’ve been busy. That says it all. Sir MMH Hubby has been teaching and working hard to get firewood cut before the first snow. He had the chance to get away for the weekend for a Hearts Alive bootcamp… sort of. He came home that Sunday sick, and he doesn’t ever really get sick.  So when he climbed into bed at 6pm, I knew he was miserable.

The Sirs have been working hard at school and playing even harder. FUEL on Wednesday nights is blessing their spirits. Sir Wallace went away on a prayer retreat (first time away from home alone) and had a blast. Sir Lionheart, what can I say? He is always doing something…and it usually involves a bug or his frog (Yoda). He was sick too.

The Misses have been busy since the day they were born, so no change there. They talk, play, color, build things, talk, dress up, try to keep up with their big brothers, and talk some more. They picked up the same thing big brother and Dada had…and kept it for four days.

So, I’ve been busy washing bedding, clothes, more bedding, and more clothes. I’ve been working hard at school and loving it. I’ve been more relaxed with homeschool, and loving that too. I’ve been putting off an update on the blog because I feel guilty for taking time to do it, when there are so many other things to do. However, on this beautiful Sunday with my Micro in front of me, it feels good to take in a big breath of fresh air.

I thought I would share some pictures of our last trip to the park with our friends, before the bug hit our house. And take a moment to thank God for sparing me and carrying me even through an exam on three hours of sleep.  Thank you Lord.

IMG_3733  IMG_3889 IMG_3988

 IMG_3801    IMG_3898



Thank you Amber for taking pictures and letting me play with your camera.

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  1. Your kids are super cute! I can't believe how much they each resemble mom and dad! Wish you lived closer to me - our kids would have such fun together.