Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Word-full Wednesday

My confession: I have been longing for a new camera. My point and shoot is sorely disappointing and one of the Sirs recently added a few dents to it…  In any case, my next camera will be a Canon 30d, but for now it is not in the budget…and since God has not seen fit to drop one in my lap (hahaha) I have decided to use what he has given me, my words.  Thus, my word-full Wednesday…

Fall is here, and as if in a dream I was able to join a local group of homeschoolers with Sir Wallace last Friday at an apple orchard. I remember visiting orchards and picking apples as a kid, and it was just wonderful to share the same experience with one of my own. The orchard is located south of our town and it was the drive there that stirred again my appreciation for God’s artistry.

I drove down a two lane road lined with trees: oaks, maples, and some pines. The colors of the sunset surrounded me, so much beauty I’m sure I could cry. (Yep, all woman full of emotions here) In my mind I was capturing pictures. Some were of the ground covered in a golden blanket that moved with the wind. Some were of the leaves as they fell: Could I catch the picture of a leaf as it danced its last dance from limb to earth? Some were just palettes of color brushed across my mind, like rubbed charcoal drawings but in red and orange.

I thought, how perfect that the fall be full of the colors of dusk and sunset, as the earth is easing in to a winter’s sleep. Just like our days are so full and lively, there is something so precious about the rest that comes as daylight fades and night whispers itself in. Harvest’s last push before the farms lay in wait, even the dirt is still until spring.

I walked through the orchard that afternoon breathing in the crisp fall breeze, carrying the scent of fall and apples. I picked up wooly bears for the first time since I was a kid. I watched Sir Wallace pick his bag (and pockets!) full of Cameo apples. I was blessed by the experience and mental pictures I will carry with me for a long while.

(And I was given the chance to play with my friend’s Canon…which if she would like to send me some pics, I would love to post…hint hint!)


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