Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Mama Moments

I was blessed by many wonderful Mama Moments today and thought I would share…

Misses Bear and Bug returned home with Dada today: ran in, wrapped their dirty sticky bodies around my legs, and yelled, “MAMAMAAAA!” with the biggest smiles. 

Sir Lionheart, our bug man, ate his popsicle in one hand while cradling a grasshopper in the other.

Sir Wallace asked me for a band-aid, for a cut that was barely bleeding.  When I looked at the cut he said he just wanted Mama to take care of it.

While the boys were out with Sir MMH Hubby starting coals, I found the box of graham sticks for the girls.  Upon successfully opening the box, the little Misses clapped and yelled, “Yay Mama!”

I was asked many times by Sir Wallace if we can start homeschooling tomorrow or in three days.  Either way, he is excited, and that brings me more excitement.

I took two very big almost two year old girls to the library tonight.  They climbed all the way back to the “way back” and buckled themselves in. 

And finally, I got the nod for bedtime tonight from Sir Lionheart.  It was my turn to put him in bed.

May you all find moments, whether because you are a Mama or a divine product of our Creator, and soak them up like rays of sunshine.

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  1. Very sweet stories - thanks for sharing. I stay up to date on your blog - you are such a wonderful mama! I'm excited to hear about your homeschooling adventures - break a pencil!!

  2. Thanks Lea! I'm very excited to start. We have a countdown going, and ghe boys are even more excited than me I think! I hope you are enjoying your Mama Moments as well; I'm sure you are. :)