Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Day of School

It’s here.  At least it was.  The first day of school for all the boys, Sir MMH Hubby included.  I was not brave enough to start Tot School on the same day.  We will add it in tomorrow.  As it is, I would consider today a great success, only one meltdown. 

Our workboxes worked great, and the lessons flew by.  I only wish there truly existed a “Handwriting Without Tears.”  Unfortunately, Sir Wallace despises writing…and I’m coming up empty on ideas right now to change that.  Here are a few pics of our day.

P8230246 Sir MMH Hubby all dressed up for his first day with students.

P8230249 Sir Lionheart ready to jump in at his desk.  (He was lurking outside the door for fifteen minutes while I finished up some last minute details; so happy to see him excited.)

P8230250 Sir Wallace all smiles as well.  He actually made it out of bed the day after vacation with a smile on his face.  This is a big accomplishment for our Sir Sleepyhead.

P8230251 Our calendar board almost complete.  We used it even though I ran out of velcro earlier in the morning.  Thank you Mama Jenn and Carisa for the great calendar board and notebook resources!

P8230253 They did such a great job working through their lessons…

P8230254 even with the total meltdown over handwriting.  (Sir Wallace was busy lamenting the letter “a” up in his room.)  We did make it through and live to experience our first day of Tot School tomorrow.  Watch out boys, two almost-two year old tots are on the way!

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