Tuesday, August 24, 2010

To Tot School and Beyond!

So it was not quite that dramatic, but I sure felt like Buzz Lightyear trying to fly after finding out he was a toy.  If  you asked me what my biggest fear was about homeschooling I would say, “Miss Bear and Miss Bug.”  WHAT am I going to do with them? 


All of the blogs I read and websites I find with tons of ideas for tots…but they all lacked one thing: TWIN tots.  Or at least MY twin tots.  It’s just different than one tot.  Or only twin tots.  Really, we’re just one shy of a full house here.  (And no, we’re not looking for one!)  I have been blessed by Mama Jenn’s blog because if she can handle two sets of twins, my oh my, I can handle one!  But it’s still scary…

The plan?  Calendar time together, songs, and send the boys for seat work without help for a bit.  Meanwhile, introduce Tot Boxes to the Misses.  I was pleasantly surprised by their willingness and even excitement to join us for Calendar Time.  Miss Bug clapped during Days of the Week and both Miss Bear and Miss Bug were very willing to add our day and weather to the board.

Calendar Time:  Success.

Next up, Tot Boxes.  I literally wandered the house this morning gathering some last minute supplies to bring my ideas together for the girls’ boxes.  We had pom poms, of which Miss Bear was a big fan.P8240010 P8240022

We had decorative marbles and various scoopers and pourers.  It all started in the box, but soon covered the floor.  However, all were happy, including Sir Lionheart.


I covered the easel with paper and just left crayons for doodling.  Miss Bug kept busy coloring and saying, “M like Mama.”  *smile* 


The last box had Melissa and Doug magnetic letters in it with a magnetic white board.  We sang the ABC’s and placed all the magnets on the board.


Tot Boxes:  Success.

When the Tot Boxes lost their appeal, the girls began to wander.  Plan B went into effect: a short show.  In this case, Elmo saved the day.  (Why do they love Elmo so much?)  A baggie of Goldfish and a pillow to sit upon, and I headed in to help the boys with “Mama” boxes.

Diversion:  Success.

After Elmo, the Tots wandered back in and began exploring the boxes again.  It was not long, though, until they were decidedly finished.  The final plan?  A laundry basket with dress up shoes and purses, and finally a cereal bar.  Life was good for these two tots.  And school was a great success today.  Here’s praying for tomorrow!



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