Saturday, August 14, 2010

Homeschool Planning

As school years begin throughout the homeschooling community, I have been actively planning and preparing for ours. Many of the ladies that I follow with much more experience at this than me have been posting planning pages, chore charts, and pictures of their school rooms. In the spirit of sharing, I have a few to add.

First of all, I ordered a second-hand copy of All About Spelling that came with an incomplete student packet and teacher’s book. I have read so many positive reviews, but as our budget is tight I really wanted my hands on one before I dove in head first. Needless to say, it is as awesome as everyone says and I have now ordered the starter kit to go with it. In the absence of the progress chart, for this year only I made my own. I have a feeling we will be into level 2 before the year is over, so I look forward to a complete book and packet then.SpellingProgressChartBlog

My second batch of documents I recently created is a list of various subjects with a four-week outlook. Since this is my first year and I am a big picture type of person who slowly hones in on the daily details, I really wanted a place I could take weekly lessons from books and outline them on paper. It gives me a look ahead and will hopefully allow me to adjust our lessons as I get a better idea of where the boys are academically.


Quite timely, Mama Jenn just posted her weekly planning pages with spots for workbox numbers (Thank you!). Thus, I am taking those weekly outlooks and transferring them into daily tasks with workbox numbers too. I also have her checklist of materials for the week that will be very helpful. The duplicate Book Lists will give me the chance to reserve in advance the books for the next month, then assign them weekly on the checklist. I will let you know how it works!

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