Monday, August 9, 2010

Daybook Monday

I’m a bit lacking on the Daybooks lately, posts as well.  I’m in the midst of switching software and documents over, so hopefully soon posts will be more frequent.  Have a beautiful Monday!

Outside my window the sun is shining, and the street is quiet.  There is anticipation for the start of the new school year and a knowledge that soon our street will be this quiet more often.  The grass looks like a patchwork quilt, since the mower only met with some of it over the weekend.  A “go go” and tricycle creep away from the “parking lot” next to the “barn.”  The camp chairs sit in disarray reminding me of the book about what Snowmen really do at night.

I am thankful for a morning in the Word of God, a hot cup of coffee, and a reminder of the power of words.

I am thinking how easy it is to fill myself up with the “stuff” of this world which leads to inner chaos…and yet how difficult it becomes to hear the quiet whispers that lead to peace.  A constant hum of prayer for God to continue reminding me of what is truly important…and how blessed I am by the people in my life.

From the learning room… I finally “arranged” our newly finished homeschooling room.  Four weeks of schedules are outlined, and I am working on the daily breakdown.  I sought out two garage sales on Friday and was rewarded by a stack of resources, a tabletop map (literally a table top), bags full of manipulatives and shapes, and lap sized chalk boards for under $20.  We will begin our school year with a unit study on roller coasters over the next two weeks, leading up to a trip to a landmark roller coaster park.

From the kitchen… A trip to Whole Foods, and I am stocked up on non-homogenized whole milk again for our next batch of yogurt.  I truly hope to find a local farmer who can supply the same.  Our quarter of beef is nicely frozen, and every cut so far has been supreme.  Sir MMH Hubby won a gift card to Starbucks at church Saturday, so my cupboard is full of eye-closing delightful aromas of organic coffee.  Our menu for the week is not yet planned, but it will include fresh veggies from the garden as I brought in our first cucumber and tomatoes last evening.

I am creating a calendar board for school and more chore cards for the chore chart.  I work diligently on creating space in our home, my mind, and my heart.  This week I notice how much I am creating an even deeper and undying love for my husband and my kids.

I am going to be folding a lot of laundry today since we skipped washings on Saturday and Sunday.  I am going to seek enjoyment from every moment for the next two weeks before Sir MMH Hubby returns to work, and remember that my joy is in the Lord.

I am reading a book on self-sufficient farming on 1/4 acre.  I am reading my Bible as I finish up “Believing God,” and begin “Breaking Free.”  I am reading many books to two little girls that I have read so often to my boys that the words are merely a reminder on the page. 

I am hoping for continued peace and wisdom as I make decisions over the next weeks.

I am hearing the sound of clothes as they tumble over themselves in the dryer, the old box fan in the hallway circulating cool air.

Around the house I see the various stages of projects: folded laundry, laundry to fold, a basket of homeschooling books to head to the basement, freshly washed car seat covers for the girls’ car seats, cookbooks for menu-planning, tidy rooms awaiting the vacuum, a new chore chart, and an art frame full of art.

One of my favorite things is the overwhelming warmth that comes when God places an abundance of words on my heart, and the fulfillment of sharing those words with others.

A few plans for the rest of the week: mowing the yard, playing outside, eating popsicles, invading the home of a good friend tomorrow with another family (3 families, 12 kids), and living with the reminder of James 3:5.

Here is a picture for a thought I am sharing…P7310204

3 Superheroes cooking breakfast for dinner.  *smile*

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