Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Our Garden

It's our first day of summer vacation here. With everyone home, we finally had all hands in the garden. (I have been nursing tomato plants under grow lights in the high school Biology room, and they really needed to get their roots into the earth.) I am always eager to get the garden going, but around here you listen to the farmers, the Amish, and your neighbors. The general consensus is not to plant until after "Decoration Day." With a selection of heirloom seeds and some beautiful heirloom tomatoes at stake, I listened.

Then, it rained.
And rained.
And a few tornadoes blew through.
And it rained again.

Until today. We had Bug and Bear, Sir Lionheart, and my mighty hubby out there evening out the dirt, laying line, and finally planting. It was fantastic. The girls helped with the beans, and from then on everything was a "bean Mama?" Bear was introduced to grubs, which we kept to the side for the boys water spider they were given this weekend. Though not all was planted, we did get all of the started plants in and six more rows of seed. So far, we have broccoli and cauliflower (new additions this year), carrots, green peppers, beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, and corn. We prayed over the garden and headed inside. Wouldn't you know? God sent a nice calm shower this evening to get everything going. Hopefully in a couple of days I will head back out and finish up with the boys and their cantaloupe and pumpkins. When it is complete, I will post a couple of pictures. Who knows, maybe the corn will be "knee high by the Fourth of July?"

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