Tuesday, June 8, 2010

First Port: Workboxes

One topic popped up over and over again as I sought out blogs and websites to help me with our Homeschool Adventure...Workboxes. Sue Patrick and her Workbox System. A few weeks ago, I downloaded her book to my computer and also mentioned that I would be interested in a webinar if she offered one. In many ways I feel like we missed the boat already as seasoned homeschoolers have been to convention or are headed there shortly, and we will not be attending one this year. There are two offered around here: one is over, and one is scheduled during the same week we will be at Family Camp. How nice it was to discover that she would be offering a web conference that I could attend! So, at 2 pm today, I grabbed my laptop, my notebook, and my earbuds (in case of strategic distractions by those 6 and under) and headed into my room to soak it up.

Even after reading the book, it was so much more information and a personal explanation of her philosophy behind workboxes. She explained the system, how to use it, and spent a good amount of time discussing centers, file folders, and posters. While it would have been easy to be overwhelmed, I chose to notice how really anything can be turned into an enrichment activity or lesson. She answered questions, even mine about how in the world to keep the Twin Tots busy while their brothers are in school. There is no question that it will take commitment and creativity, but Sue Patrick gave me two things today:

1. A structure for homeschool. I mean bare bones, here is the framework, you add the building materials type of structure. No matter what curriculum or what activities we develop, it will fit into the structure. And structure means routine. And routine means less chaos at home. And less chaos means a Mama who may be able to think and speak clearly after 2pm., and
2. Open eyes. If I just choose to open my eyes and see what my kids see, notice their likes and dislikes and use those to our advantage in activities and lessons, there will always be something or some way to make it through.

Before you think I am bedazzled and think this is going to be such a perfect and beautiful experience, believe me. I know my kids and I know me. It will be homeschool for all of us.

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