Monday, June 7, 2010

Bedtime for Twins

In general, we make an effort not to refer to Miss Bear and Miss Bug as "the twins." However, for the TimeForTwo section of this blog, it will happen. It is my hope that some may find experience, laughter, exasperation, and maybe some advice hidden in their antics. I will begin with bedtime...

Bedtime on June 7, 2010

7:45 pm- Two clean little girls removed from tub and dressed in clean diapers and pajama bottoms

7:52 pm- The last two sippy cups are given to Bear and Bug

7:57pm- Little girls are sung to and placed happily in their somewhat new big girl beds in which I have absolutely no hope that they will stay over the next hour minimum

8:01pm- Miss Bug knocks on her bedroom door which I proceed to open. I am handed a very dirty diaper (which is an improvement from the last time we did this). I take said diaper and dispose of it, then go in search of the rest of her clothing and the damage the diaper may have inflicted on the room or girls before I received it. I find a naked Bear in the process.

8:13pm- Two girls, "pottied", cleaned, and in new diapers with pajama bottoms put back in bed

8:14pm- Another knock. Two girls sans clothes and diapers again...(when will I learn, I know) I then hunt through the clean but unfolded laundry stashed in various spots in the house and find two snapping sets of pajamas. Two girls on the potty, two clean diapers, and two sets of pajamas on girls.

8:22pm- Two girls back in bed. One rocking horse removed from bedroom. One "go go" (scooter) removed from bedroom. Door shut.

8:30pm- Two girls crying at their door, and one mama posting about how she is about to send reinforcements (who are now finished mowing the yard) into the bedroom. *Smile*

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