Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My First Daybook

Outside my window the sun is rising and the haze is clearing above freshly cut grass. A new fence reminds me of the many days of summer we will be able to enjoy outside.
I am thinking how a sleepless night with a child can bring such a quiet and peaceful morning.
I am thankful for a husband who is willing to teach so he can have his afternoons and summers off to spend with his family...and a God so great as to provide for our family in ways beyond our imagination.
From the learning rooms I have printed off schedule strips and logs as we look to start easing into homeschooling next month. I continue to pray for guidance and search out curriculum for our tots, pre-K, and 1st grader.
From the kitchen the dishwasher is running, the island is clean, and herbs are planted. The breadmaker sits ready for another loaf to be made. Our zucchini supply is slowly dwindling thanks to zucchini pancakes for dinner last night, and a collection of natural bug spray and sunscreen is accumulating on the corner of the counter in anticipation of family camp.
I am creating blogs in my head, faith in God in Bible study, and a belated Fathers' Day card to my dad.
I am going to town for an appointment, to search for local milk, and to the hardware store to buy hardware for a gate on the fence.
I am reading so many books it is difficult to keep straight: Karen Kingsbury's Take Three knowing my own copy of Take Four will be in my mailbox any day, Shepherding a Child's Heart, The WholeHearted Child, Dinosaurs By Design, and an assortment of homeschooling books by Linda Dobson.
I am hoping I will sneak a nap in today and that my husband will forgive my less than happy behavior and ramblings as I was up every half hour with our daughter...until I gave in and just stayed up with a cup of coffee.
I am hearing our much quieter dishwasher running, the hum of my laptop and fingers tapping the keyboard. I cannot remember the last time it was this quiet in this house when I was awake.
Around the house I see happy reminders of our family: the girls' "go-gos," stacks of books for the library's reading program, laundry in various stages of folding, and the "magic night night."
One of my favorite things is seeing how God has intended something good out of something my human self thinks a distraction or nuisance.
A few plans for the rest of the week redding up the house for our first trip to family camp, celebrating my birthday, participating in the summer reading activity at the library, Bible study, and working on the fling and file going on in my space in the basement.
Here is a picture for a thought I am sharing...
This was almost a year ago...I cannot believe my little girls will be 2 in a couple of months. Their smiling faces remind me how worth it a sleepless night can be...

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  1. Welcome to Daybook-ing! I enjoyed reading your first entry, and I think your blog name is catchy! Your girls are so cute.