Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Back Home

Oh what a wonderful week it has been! We left last week for family camp up on Lake Erie at Beulah Beach and returned home yesterday exhausted in a "we just had a great vacation" sort of way. It was our first year, and I am really looking forward to building on the memories we made. It was a bit difficult with the girls because they were not quite ready for the 2 year old class, and keeping track of four small children on the beach and playground was a test of my parenting skills for sure. I only had one runaway, and we found her (Miss Bug) shortly after she took off. Boy can she move! It was the first time for all of us to be at the lake together, and the camp is fantastic. Five days with worship, speakers on parenting with Proverbs, zip lines, a real safari, jet skis, and meals that I did not have to prepare nor clean up! Not to mention the beauty of God's creation...
I have more pictures and thoughts to share, but it seems every media or computer device in our home is dying a slow death. I have to get creative in my attempt to download all of my photos. I just want to say, "Hello, and I am home." I look forward to posting again.

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