Friday, July 2, 2010

Second Port: Curriculum

I can hardly believe that July is here. The summer is just flying by us. After much prayer, we have decided to traditionally homeschool both boys and implement Tiny Tots for the girls. With that decision, I have spent the past few days evaluating our options for curriculum. I have heeded the advice of worrying about a perfect curriculum. Instead I hope to find one that fits and is adaptable. Sir Wallace is way ahead in reading and through most of first grade math, but there are some concepts he needs to revisit. While Sir Lionheart is PK4.5, I hope to be able to use some of the same materials brought to his level (i.e. science history/geography). I have at least five catalogs on file, and there are strengths and weaknesses to all of them. For me, though, it is hard to pick something sight unseen. Thus, I have read numerous reviews and the philosophies behind different systems and here is what my picks are so far...

Language Arts/Reading/Spelling:
1. First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind
2. All About Spelling

1. Galloping the Globe
2. ???
Our History section is the only area I am not sure of right now. Galloping the Globe is highly recommended, so I'm not sure if we will just pick it up and keep it for next year or actually begin using it. Sir Wallace is a big reader, so I really like the idea of Sonlight or WinterPromise. However, it is a big investment and very hard to buy without actually seeing it. Any experience or advice is welcome here. *smile*

1. Math Mammoth, Light Blue Series
2. Mathematical Reasoning, Critical Thinking Co.
We will use Math Mammoth as our primary resource and supplement some activities with MR. Sir Wallace really likes the Critical Thinking series, so we will supplement with it in many areas.

1. A Beka Discovering God's World
Sir MMH Hubby is a science teacher, and we use it often in everyday situations. I picked up the A Beka book secondhand and hope to use it as a guide for science. I plan on using our local library and hubby for most of what we do.

1. Undecided
We'll pick up one of three: Handwriting Without Tears, A Reason For..., or the Getty-Dubay system. Sir Wallace is not fond of writing, so if there is advice you have I welcome it.

As I said earlier, our boys are fond of the Critical Thinking series, so I plan on restocking the Mind Benders and some other books. We will use Keys for Kids and Adventures in Odyssey for Bible time.

For Sir Lionheart's Preschool, we will be using many resources from my friends and their blogs on the web. I have some File Folder books coming with easy to assemble games in them so I can begin preparing. My hopes are to have a new laptop with working printer soon, and then I can make many of my own resources. I did follow the leads from Homeschool Creations and 1+1+1 and purchased my new laminating machine that should be here next week (yay!). There are still many things to do, like setup the homeschool area, assemble workboxes, and finish cleaning out my storage area...but I am really enjoying our family time this summer as well. Bike rides, library, ice cream, movies, fireworks, and lots of outdoor play. We are truly blessed!

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