Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Miss Bear and Miss Bug!

Two years ago God blessed me with two rays of sunshine and a lot less sleep!

Good Morning Girls and Happy Birthday!

You two little ladies are such a joy in my life. Your big blue eyes and heart-stopping smiles cause my heart to nearly burst. Our first year together was a bit foggy and one of survival…This year, though, has been packed full of firsts and fun. Your personalities are shining through, and I see God using you just as He promised at your dedication.

Miss Bear, my strong and adventurous quiet Bear. You take note of everything and everyone around you, so careful and so thoughtful. You see the mountains and are not scared. Instead, you watch them and measure them and find a way to climb them (and tables too). Your little “Alright!” is such a blessing when you help me and when you play. Your big brothers love to hear you giggle and would do anything to protect you. You truly work your way into people’s hearts and hold fast. I look forward to watching you learn so much more and to see God reveal His plans to you. I love you my Little Bear.

IMG00178 IMG00126 P8120243 P8220237

Miss Bug, oh Miss Bug. You are anything but quiet or small anymore. As predicted, you are quite the social and full throttle little girl. Your enthusiasm and eagerness to do everything (as long as you want to) is unmatched in this house. It truly is all or nothing. Your heart is the same; and you love so big. I treasure those quiet moments with you praying and singing “Jesus Loves Me,” aka “The Bible Song.” Your big belly laughs and even your big sad cries bless my days. You feel for yourself and others around you. Your big brothers love when you put on your cape and fly like a superhero around the house with them, and they love you so much. I hope our days ahead will be filled with more of your enthusiasm and love. I love you my Little Bug.

IMG00219 IMG00121 Bug Bug2

It really has been such and adventure with two…and girls at that. My daughters and daughters of the King, you really keep my cup full.


Happy Birthday!

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