Saturday, August 28, 2010

Going on a Bug Hunt

We have been rolling with a few themes this week…Intro to Geography (Expedition Earth from Erica at Confessions of a Homeschooler), The Letter L (Raising Rock Stars Preschool from Carisa at 1plus1plus1), and Bugs (Well, from this Mama of four kids who LOVE bugs). Today it was barely 80 degrees and sunny, so we decided to take our Science Saturday outdoors to the bike trail.

Sir Wallace wore his helmet in the truck, so he could hop out, hop on, and go. (Very indicative of his personality).


Sir Lionheart had to step up to the plate today. He has been on two wheels for quite a while now, but he has been riding a really small bike because his feet hit the ground when he sits on it. His big boy bike was a size too big when we bought it (on purpose…if you knew how tall our kids are and how fast they grow you would understand). The last time we rode the trail Sir Lionheart grew weary quickly because he had to do two to three times the pedaling as everyone else due to the size of his wheels. So, today I told him he had to ride the big one if he wanted to go. Whaddya’ know? He hopped on that thing and was lapping the yard in minutes. There is definitely a warm Mama Moment when your little guy grows up just that little bit more and accomplishes something new.

P8280041 P8280050

The girls loaded up into the trailer, pulled by Sir MMH Hubby, and I followed.

P8280037 P8280054

We stopped and watched butterflies, bees, bugs, and beetles. Unfortunately I’m still dealing with a point and shoot with a shutter speed slower than the feet of my six year old when you tell him it’s time for bed. Thus, no good photos of anything that did not crawl.

P8280064 P8280065


We herded up a few caterpillars, all different colors and textures. As we study the difference between moths and butterflies we are eager to see what these caterpillars will turn into… For now, they sit in my canning jars *smile* with twigs, leaves, and holes in the lids in hopes of seeing them build cocoons. And there are two little boys even more excited about bugs.

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  1. Hi Sara! You are one of my winners on the geography video giveaway! Please send me an email and give me your address for the Mexico dvd!