Tuesday, July 20, 2010

W4 Week

I have been trying to get posts up every other day lately. I have spent much time preparing for the school year and just keeping on top of the house and routines. This week, however, is more hectic that others. It seems that we have just floated through the summer with fun playdates, a great trip to Family Camp, and many hours outside in the yard. I should have looked at the calendar... Two camps and rehearsals for a TaVaci concert, a visit to Nana's to celebrate an uncle's 60th, and singing at church on Sunday. Oh my.

I have mentioned over and over how much I enjoy our little part of this world, and it's not a big one at that. The population around here, including farms, was about 2200 people last I heard. That said, our church is hosting its VBS this week, and there were over 180 kids there today. My group of 16 campers quickly jumped to 25 (I think!). Oh my again. It is just such a sight to see 200 people bouncing up and down and loving Jesus. And all that bouncing coupled with some basketball and taxi-runs makes me one tired Mama, thankful for a family naptime today...though a bit short on the posts.

I will try to get a few up this week, but if they are sparse, know that I am whole-heartedly engaged in life right now, soaking up thoughts and moments to share soon!

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