Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer Fun

I have been busy for the past week keeping kids entertained while the homeschool room is finished. I have also, much to my own humor, have been trying to break in my new laminator and workboxes. Bit by bit it is all being worked on, though I am pretty sure it will take the remainder of the summer to get it finished.

After running out of insulation and easy laminating projects today, we took a family break. Some may know that Sir MMH Hubby is a personal trainer as well as a teacher (and carpenter), and he has been enjoying working with many adults and high school athletes this summer. Today, though, he had no sessions except his own, so we took the entire family outside and exercised. The boys had a modified obstacle course (sorry Coach, I know it was more, but this gives the rest of us a good image), and he did his own workout after they finished. I wanted to share some pictures. Hopefully you can hear the giggles and screams of laughter through the faces!

He did have all four on the sled at once, and at one point our neighbor thought it would help point out the obvious..."Hey, there's no snow!"

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