Thursday, July 15, 2010

Not Enough Time For Beans

I really enjoy living where we do. I am pretty sure I have mentioned that before... It is especially nice when fresh produce is easily available at the auction or from our garden. Yesterday our lovely neighbor brought home two pecks of green beans, green beans that I have dreamed of canning since summer started. However, as is the case in our crazy home, making time to can beans is like trying to read an adult fiction novel while sitting in Dada's chair in the daytime. It just doesn't happen...yet. Someday, when the kids are older and more independent I will can beans when they are ready. I will probably stand over the canner dreaming of the days when those same kids were running around crazy wishing them back again. For now, as I embrace my days of planning homeschool, feeding tummies that never fill, fighting Mt. Washmore, removing Star Wars toys from mouths, and picking cheerios and yogurt out of my laptop...I resort to freezing beans.

Here is where I found the idea.

One hour, and they were done. AND I felt rather the capable survivor as I transformed an old ballpoint pen into a straw to facilitate old fashioned vacuum sealing.

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