Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Mama Weakness...

Or at least one of them...

I acknowledge that I am the mom who can tell when her child is running a fever, and Yes, I do take their temperatures to help me gauge how ill they are...though like most of us, I think the lips to the forehead is usually spot on. I can also handle the drool, the snot, the rashes, and even the time Sir Lionheart tested out a wheel grinder with his thumb. I may cry if there is a lot of pain or fear in their eyes, but I will be right there with them through it all.

So when I heard one of the boys screaming tonight in the shower, I ran to the bathroom preparing for a burn or a slip (they often try to adjust the temperature of our very touchy water and enjoy trying to jump from the side of the tub into the water no matter how many times they have been hurt)...just to find Mr. Screamer's brother vomiting all over the floor of the shower. Ewwwww. My heart was actually torn at that moment, I am sad to say. After removing the offending screamer from the shower, it took an enormous amount of effort to stand there and help Mr. Sick clean everything up...and make sure he was okay. I felt bad for him but it was a struggle. I don't like being sick to my stomach, and I do not like cleaning it up. I could discuss my actual thoughts at the time, but I am afraid I may offend. *smile* Let's just say that I think I could handle it better with a clothespin.

So, there it of my weaknesses as a Mama. I realized it tonight, and hopefully Mr. Sick realized that eating two pieces of pizza bigger than the size of his head may not be the best option for dinner next time.

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