Monday, July 5, 2010

My Daybook

Outside my window...the kids are all playing in the sprinkler, two with sippy cups in hand. My hubby just started the coals for grilling chicken. Clouds keep passing over, giving a momentary respite from the sun.

I am nice it is to be back from the lumberyard with studs and drywall, and out of the truck.

I am thankful for...thank you's, love you's, and a moment to myself.

From the learning rooms...I ordered my first piece of curriculum (ever), bought a printer that works (Yay!), and eagerly await my new laminating machine.

From the kitchen...yogurt, homemade in the works. We finally picked up a new thermometer with a clip on it. Otherwise, the kitchen is quiet in an attempt to keep the heat outside.

I am creating...a new workspace and homeschool room in the basement.

I am go sit outside and enjoy some time with my hubby.

I am reading...some new books from the library and my Bible. I just finished both Take Three and Take Four by Karen Kingsbury. Three nights to read them both...and a lot less sleep because of it. *grin*

I am hoping...that the rest of the summer will slow down. It is so nice to have everyone home for a couple of months.

I am hearing...squeals of little girls playing outside and louder yells of warriors at play.

Around the has finally recovered from the laundry from family camp. There are piles of "stuff" to be put out with the trash tomorrow, the results of intense purging of our house.

One of my favorite things...indulging in a giant iced coffee foo-foo drink, made at home.

A few plans for the rest of the week...keeping the kids busy with playdates and outdoor fun while hubby finished framing and drywalling the basement. A prayer walk for church and some time visiting with my mom and stepdad.

Here is a picture for the thought I am sharing...
The boys the first night of Family Camp on Lake Erie. What a fantastic time for all of us.


  1. Have fun with your first piece of curriculum! Such fun when mail like that comes in. And a new laminating machine? Ooh, I would have loved to have had one through the years. Enjoy!

    I love your picture; looks like fun times. Thanks for sharing your Daybook!

  2. Hi Sara,I stopped by to read your daybook. I'll be back. You have some interesting posts I want to read.

  3. I love homemade yogurt! I would love to have a homeschool room. Have a great week!