Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Can Hear It...

Summer is flying by. The homeschool room is finished; now it is time to put it together. I have been printing and laminating and reading our books for this year as they arrive in the mail. I missed wordless Wednesday and have not daybooked in a while, so I wanted to share a few pics of some of our fun times we have been having as the summer will soon wind down.

We actually have baby cucumbers finally growing on the vines. The crabgrass is abundant, and my desire to weed is not as abundant. So, our garden is under control, but nowhere near as weeded as some others.

I picked up bug houses at the Dollar Store for the boys. Thus, we have had many new overnight friends...
The boys have enjoyed "campfires" and campouts in the back yard. This is Sir Lionheart roasting a cheesy poof.

They have also turned their beautiful sisters into fellow "Super Gorillas." Here is Miss Bear in her monkey costume and cape.
And finally, as Sir MMH Hubby and I have finished our own "Renovation Reality," here is the homeschool room. I will be hopefully picking up some desks this weekend and working on the actual "school" part of it now that my mudding and sanding days are over. Praise God!

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