Thursday, June 17, 2010

Why Today is a Good Day

1. Our fence is almost finished = much more outdoor time for all of us.
2. I had time in the word with good friends and Beth Moore.
3. Miss Bug sang "Jesus Loves Me" to me as I dressed her for bed.
4. Sirs Wallace and Lionheart played outside most of the day, helped their Dada with the fence, and managed some quiet activity time before bed.
5. Sir Lionheart is reading better every day.
6. Miss Bear tried to sit next to her sister during a time out, to which Miss Bug responded, "No sissy! My timeout."
7. Everything we planted in the garden is sprouting out of the ground already. Praise God!
8. I managed to tweak a few things on the blog without too much hassle.
9. I heard my own words repeated back to me as both girls finished my, "No..." with a, "Mam!"
10. God has given me another day and another chance to understand what continually believing Him really means.

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