Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Break

Summer break in our home takes a bit of adjustment. My hardworking hubby is home for two months, and the routines of the school year go out the window. Add to that our transition this year from brick and mortar to homeschool, and it is downright disheartening. Don't get me wrong; it is fantastic to have entire days to play as a family, but I miss the predictability...or at least as much as we can have in our home. My solution for this feeling of wasting time is to list our accomplishments of the past two weeks...
1. Our house is clean. I mean the laundry is consistently caught up, the floors are vacuumed daily, and the kitchen is spotless every night. *smile*
2. We eat three meals a day together at the dining room table...(we're usually missing Dada at breakfast and lunch.)
3. We have survived two girls entering into the lovable two's without feeling insane ourselves.
4. The boys built an art frame for me for an early birthday present. Thanks to our creative family, we learned how useful an art frame is to display various artwork created by all of the kids.
5. The garden is planted.
6. We are learning to make yogurt at home, another step to being self-sufficient. I can feel my grocery budget slowly exhaling.
7. I have attended a webinar about workboxes and a Homeschool 101 session at our local library. I feel more connected and informed by both.
8. I have read two Christian fiction books merely for the joy of reading. They dealt with no parenting skills, no bible study, no homeschooling. And who knows? Maybe I'll win something from the library for it!
9. The boys have enjoyed their first week of summer enrichment, thanks to a friend/teacher. They had a blast, and they learned much.
10. I have slept well. Even when awakened many times in one night, I get sleep.

I guess the point (to me) is: even though it is different, there is still much being done. Summer is the ultimate chance for us to enjoy time together as a family. I need to live in the moment and soak it up because as I know, these days are fleeting. The kids grow up so fast, and I love them too much to miss it.

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  1. Your updated blog is super-cute. Thanks for sharing! I think you've accomplished a LOT! Way to kick off the summer break!