Friday, June 11, 2010

A First, Yet Not Surprising

We have four kids. I do not label my kids, but as they grow I come to appreciate their personalities, especially their differences. For instance, our oldest, Sir Wallace, and I had a very early appreciation for personalities. He entered this world choosing option C, when only A and B were offered. I have had nearly seven years of experience with this thinking, so it is not a surprise when it happens...with him.

Today, however, his youngest sister, Miss Bug, gave me a glimpse into her thinking as well...

Miss Bug did something. What that something exactly was, my Mama Brain cannot recall at this time. Whatever it was, it was an overt and unacceptable act that resulted in these words coming out of my mouth, "Miss Bug, that is unacceptable. You may choose to stop doing *insert offense here* or you may receive a spank." (FYI, giving a choice to my child as to whether they will receive a spank or not is a big red flag. It tells me that I am already out of prime Mama operating mode and into Uh-Oh Mama reactive mode.) Miss Bug replied, "No," and proceeded to take herself over to her time out spot and sit down. Then she looked up at me with her big Miss Bug eyes and said, "Time out."

What do you do? I walked out of the room and smiled to myself. Thank you Miss Bug for getting me out of reactive mode and allowing me to enjoy a bit of your growing personality.

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