Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Sir Wallace

Seven years, Sir W.  I can clearly remember that Saturday morning that you arrived with gusto and so fast that nobody believed you were really there!  That has not changed much…you are full of life and so eager to do anything and everything you can!

One Year T Blues

Over the past seven years, I have seen you grow from such a curious and talkative little boy into a well spoken and gifted big boy.  God has blessed you with a sensitive heart that truly soaks up and gives love so freely.  I am blessed every time I reach out and you still hold my hand.  Every hug and moment of snuggle time I cherish.  I know that these days are limited; you are growing up so quickly as God has planned. 

Fave W W like Dada

You are my oldest, and you broke the mold I am sure.  God knew what he was doing when he gave you to us.  You have challenged me to be a better Mama.  My mind and heart renew each day when I am with you.  I love watching you play basketball with your Dada, teaching you at home, and listening to all the thoughts your creative mind devises.  You show me true enthusiasm and zest for life, as well as how to think without so many boundaries.  Thank you.

W Glasses W Sled MT

Your sisters adore you.  You are such a great big brother to them.  They reach for you to carry them, to hug them.  They really enjoy playing with you; thank you for playing with them.  You truly have taken on the role of protector for those little girls.

Sir Lionheart, oh what to say?  You two battle so hard against each other, but you battle even harder for each other.  Thank you for being your brother’s best friend.  Some day that will be so precious to you both. 

From tricycle to training wheels to two wheels, the time just flies by.  Just the other day I am sure I dropped you off for your first day of preschool, and now you have moved on to first grade.  Soon enough I will watch you graduate and move on to the calling you receive.  Just know that we love you…and we pray to God that you continue to hold that precious gift of Jesus in your heart, that you seek Him, and that you love Him with all that you are.

One Year P8280047

Happy Birthday Big Boy!



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