Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Coming Up For Air


It  has been nearly a week since my last post, oh my.  We have been adjusting to our ever changing and challenging schedule.

School, well it has been adjusted.  As much as I long for a set schedule, after the first week that hope went out the window.  The boys do really well working through their lessons knowing that the day is theirs when they finish.  However, with the twin tots it is just unrealistic.  The new plan, which has been written down nowhere, is to complete Calendar Time, Bible, and one other group activity in the morning.  When we finish with those, it’s free time for the boys and interactive play with the Misses.  Preschool is completed during naptime, and Sir Wallace begins his boxes then as well.  One on one time with Sir Wallace often occurs around 8pm because the rest of the troops are in bed (Sir Lionheart may be reading with Dada.) and he is our night owl.

Here are a few things that we have been doing…

P9010010 P9020016


Bugs…and more bugs.  After the caterpillars from our bike ride, we spent the week outside enjoying the wonderful weather ushering in fall.  The bugs were very literally finding us, and the kids loved it.


Our very late garden is finally bearing fruit.  Along with the Aunt Ruby’s (my favorite this year), our Pac Man Broccoli has been abundant and tasty (and a bit smelly!).


Sir Lionheart had a run in with the wheel of his wagon and the concrete as Dada was pulling it.  He now understands that our warnings to not drag his hand on the ground are warranted.


We have continued to enjoy popsicle time after naps, though I’m devising snack plan B as the weather cools.

P9060038 P9060040

Due to the Twin Tots, homeschooling has moved upstairs a few days per week.  It will most likely remain this way until we can adapt the other areas in the basement more for them.

I am thankful and blessed for this season in my life, and though the best laid plans change rapidly I know God is in control. 


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